Royjones VS acsro 22 May, 2024 9:51 pm


Apm: 118
MMR: 2994
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Apm: 54
MMR: 3046
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Player Time Message
Royjones 00:00 hey !!
acsro 00:05 glhf
acsro 01:22 my gas
acsro 01:26 I am so sad
Royjones 01:33 mine now
acsro 02:08 Can I at least have weekends with it?
acsro 03:50 Is that a no?
acsro 04:17 I didn't want to have to do this
acsro 04:26 but I'll kill the poor boy
Royjones 04:33 its ok
Royjones 04:39 i understand
acsro 13:09 wow
acsro 13:14 transfuse is good
Royjones 13:25 had alot banked up
acsro 13:54 ggwp, that was a fun game thank you
Royjones 13:59 gg!

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