Voltaris VS Emeriki 08 Jun, 2024 3:10 pm


Apm: 207
MMR: 3506
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Apm: 229
MMR: 3505
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Player Time Message
Emeriki 00:00 glhf
Voltaris 00:02 glhf
Voltaris 28:00 gg
Emeriki 28:08 gg
Voltaris 28:09 should have made way more distrupters I guess
Emeriki 28:12 yeah
Emeriki 28:14 tempest
Emeriki 28:16 with oracles
Emeriki 28:17 to
Emeriki 28:20 very good late game
Voltaris 28:23 yes
Emeriki 28:26 to snipe the vikings
Voltaris 28:31 ty yes
Voltaris 28:36 I guess carriers not such a good idea
Voltaris 28:37 gg
Emeriki 28:40 gg

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