DrJPEG VS NullGeodesic 10 Jun, 2024 7:35 pm


Apm: 163
MMR: 3475
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Apm: 96
MMR: 3475
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Player Time Message
NullGeodesic 00:00 gl hf
DrJPEG 00:00 glhf
DrJPEG 04:45 damn imagine if you actually had to have skill to play this game instead of cheesing on ladder
NullGeodesic 04:55 you built artosis pylons in 2024
DrJPEG 05:08 "artosis pylons"
DrJPEG 05:12 holy fuck you're retarded
DrJPEG 05:32 yeah let me just spend 500 minerals blindly
DrJPEG 05:35 moron
DrJPEG 05:39 cheesing with the easiest race lmao

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