Heasy VS nilretz 06 Jul, 2024 11:15 am


Apm: 102
MMR: 2943
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Apm: 81
MMR: 2704
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Player Time Message
nilretz 18:43 you play like a bitch
Heasy 18:48 she madddd
Heasy 18:53 poosy protoss
Heasy 19:11 usually i like poosy
nilretz 19:19 youve never had it
nilretz 19:24 how would you know
Heasy 19:31 all game long baby you been putting out
Heasy 20:16 soooo salty
Heasy 20:20 just press the button man
nilretz 20:35 press the off button
Heasy 20:43 didn't know protoss had mouth holes to cry out of
Heasy 21:48 you sure showed me

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