ballen VS TheSwiss 09 Jul, 2024 7:32 pm


Apm: 114
MMR: 3239
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Apm: 67
MMR: 3227
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Player Time Message
TheSwiss 00:05 gl hf!
ballen 00:07 glhf
ballen 00:23 you form hypeone ?
ballen 00:25 from
TheSwiss 00:28 yes
TheSwiss 00:41 u know hyper?
ballen 00:42 you know lamduy ?
TheSwiss 00:59 not really
ballen 01:24 he is a GM T in your clan
ballen 01:26 =)))
TheSwiss 01:32 yes i know who he is XD
TheSwiss 01:36 just dont know him well
ballen 01:45 type this to him
ballen 01:49 when he online
TheSwiss 01:49 ok
ballen 01:51 DU ME MAY
TheSwiss 01:58 lol alright
ballen 02:00 he will love it
TheSwiss 02:06
TheSwiss 05:08 ggwp!

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