Archy VS Pinky 10 Jan, 2019 5:27 am


Clan: ValidG
Rank: 0
Server Rank: 3456
Global Rank: 9539
Apm: 202
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: 2984
Global Rank: 8414
Apm: 153
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Player Time Message
Pinky 02:49 wtf is this
Archy 03:07 could ask you the same question
Pinky 03:09 you sawnothing
Archy 03:11 its soO's one base allin
Pinky 03:21 what are you talkinga bout
Pinky 03:43 nice hacks
Archy 03:47 lol its a build
Archy 03:49 sc swarm
Archy 03:50 google it
Archy 05:17 lol terran units
Archy 09:58 ggvb
Archy 10:45 mty dude
Archy 10:46 come on
Archy 13:48 g
Archy 13:49 g
Archy 14:21 g
Archy 14:22 g

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